The Bell of Mindfulness doesn’t Work but a New App is Coming 🤷

Dear friends,

If the Bell of Mindfulness function in your Plum Village app doesn’t work properly, first of all, please make sure you are using the latest version of the app. If you are still using the beta version, please delete it and install the full version directly from the App Store if you’re using an iPhone (or iPod / iPad), or from the Google Play Store if you have an Android device.

The Bell of Mindfulness function should work on most iOS devices.

Most issues come up on Samsung devices and Raj and Mark are still trying to figure out how fix this.

We are using React Native to develop the app. For anyone who is interested to give us a hand, please reach out on


  1. I am using a recent version of this app. The bell worked perfectly for a couple of weeks and then stopped. Now, if I want it to work, I have to open the app, edit, and save the bell settings every day. Are others experiencing this issue? Is there a way to remedy this?

    1. Hi Cara, thanks for letting us know, we will email you about this issue. If anyone else is experiencing a bug they can use the contact form on this website or within the app to report it, and we’ll investigate.

  2. Thank you for the Plum Village app. However, the “enable bell” button doesn’t seem to work properly. It sometimes has to be swiped ten times before the configuration screen appears. Then after saving the new settings there is no bell sound after the allotted time period. The “enable bell” button still reads “enable bell”. I presume it should read “disable bell” once the bell has been enabled. I have just uninstalled and re-installed the app and it has made no difference. Everything else seems to be working okay on my iphone which is not set to silent mode. It just seems to be this app.

    1. Hello Richard, if you try the latest update you should find this bug has been fixed. But if you experience further problems please contact us via the contact form in the app or on this website, so that we can correspond with you easily to investigate.

    1. Thank you, dear Marilyn, for reporting this to us. Since the iOS 15 update, there have been issues reported with the bell of mindfulness. Our small programming team is looking into it to fix it as soon as mindfully possible. We apologize for the inconvenience 🙏.

      With much care,

      The Plum Village App team

  3. Thank you so much for this great app! Since iOS 15, the bell of mindfulness has not been working for me either. I’ll look forward to seeing it working again soon. I find it very helpful in calling me back to the present.

    1. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your kind words with us, dear Andrew. Our technical team is looking into this issue and will hopefully find a solution soon. We are happy that the Bell of Mindfulness helps you to come back to the present moment. Thank you for your patience 🙏.

      With much care,

      The Plum Village App team

  4. Like the other posters, I am now having trouble with the bell. It worked fine for a month, then stopped. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it still isn’t working. I don’t know what I can do about it. Can you please help? Thank you so much.

  5. Hi there. I have installed the plum village app and am trying to receive the mindfulness bell every 15m. It comes up on my screen as Mindfulness bell every 15 m but there is no sound, even though I have opened notifications and sounds on my iPad.

    1. Hi Anna!

      Thank you for reaching out!

      We have written a blog post that could help you troubleshoot your issue- you can read it here:

      For android phones, there are often issues with battery optimisation, it can be helpful to look at guidance from this website:

      We hope this helps, but if you are still experiencing issues, please do let us know and I will pass this on to the team to look into the issue more deeply,

      With much care,
      A lotus for you,

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