Dear friends,

If the Bell of Mindfulness function in your Plum Village app doesn’t work properly, first of all, please make sure you are using the latest version of the app. If you are still using the beta version, please delete it and install the full version directly fromĀ theĀ App StoreĀ if you’re using an iPhone (or iPod / iPad), orĀ from theĀ Google Play StoreĀ if you have an Android device.

The Bell of Mindfulness function should work on most iOS devices.

Most issues come up on Samsung devices andĀ Raj and Mark are still trying to figure out how fix this.

We are using React Native to develop the app.Ā For anyone who is interested to give us a hand, please reach out on

However, in mid December we will launch a totally new version of the app, which will have a brand new Bell of Mindfulness, with lots more functionality. You can check how the new app will look like in this interactive mockup:

Please use the comments area to let us know what you think. All feedback welcomed.