Contributing subtitles for Plum Village

Are you interested in contributing subtitles for Plum Village? Subtitles are shown for Plum Village videos in a number of places online including:

You can volunteer to add subtitles to our videos, to make it easier for speakers of many languages to understand the teachings of Plum Village.

You do not need to be bi-lingual to help: contributing English subtitles is also very helpful. English subtitles help people who are not fluent in English, are deaf, or simply find it difficult to understand the accents of the Plum Village monastics. Creating English subtitles can also be helpful to the volunteers who are translating subtitles into other languages.

We use the Amara platform to allow anyone to add or edit subtitles in any language. These subtitles can then be synced to our YouTube channels, Vimeo account, the Plum Village App, and websites.

Plum Village videos are available on Amara (Public) so that anyone can contribute subtitles.

On this page we aim to provide all the instructions and resources you need to start to create subtitles.

Introduce yourself!

Whilst anyone can work on and submit subtitles to Amara, since it is public, we encourage you to get in touch with us if you will be creating subtitles. In this way, we can offer support and feedback.

Please let us know the language you would like to contribute subtitles for, and if you have any prior subtitling experience (none is necessary!). We can then help with any questions you may have about creating subtitles.

Navigating to Plum Village videos on Amara

So you would like to create subtitles on Amara for one of our videos? There are various ways to navigate to the associated Amara video page.

If there’s a particular video from the Plum Village app you would like to work on, first navigate to the video (in the same folder) on our web app. The web app can be accessed in the browser, and shows all the same content as the mobile app in a simplified form. The web app is available at:

Under most videos in the web app, you’ll see a link to Amara:

You’ll find Amara links under most videos on the web app (screenshot from this page)

In the Library on the main Plum Village website, you’ll find Amara links under most videos:

An Amara link in the Library of the Plum Village website (from this page)

Similarly, on many videos on our YouTube channel you will find an Amara link in the video description:

An Amara link in a YouTube video description

Such links are also in place on the main Plum Village YouTube channel.

It’s the same for videos on the Plum Village App Vimeo channel – you’ll find an Amara link at the bottom of the video description:

An Amara link in a Vimeo video description

Sometimes, there is no Amara link underneath a video. If you’d like to add subtitles for such a video, please get in touch so we can provide you with the Amara link (and add the link to the video).

You may find it helpful to look at the Amara profiles for Plum Village Online Monastery or Plum Village App, which show videos we added recently. However, we find this is of limited use because it only shows the most recent activity. Usually, it’s more practical to navigate from the video descriptions as explained above.

How to create subtitles

When you first create subtitles for a video using Amara, you will be guided through the process by the subtitle editing tool. First you will type what you hear (or translate), then adjust timings, then review and publish. If you tend to be comfortable navigating software, then you should find it is all very intuitive. It requires no prior experience of creating subtitles.

We offer some guidelines on how to create high quality subtitles that are easy to read and flow naturally with the video. Please see our Dharma Talk Subtitling Guidelines.


If there is anything you would like to know about creating subtitles that we didn’t explain on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll try to support you with your questions, as well as add clarifications to this page for other volunteers.


  1. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate this effort on your part. As someone who is hearing-impaired, I find that I am not using the app because I simply am not able to understand many of the speakers or I spend so much effort “trying” to understand that I end up missing the point the speaker is making. Thank you. I will try the app again.

    1. Dear Bill,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. We aspire to make the Plum Village App and the mindfulness resources as accessible as possible for everyone and we feel very lucky to have such a loving and contributing community all around the globe πŸ™βœ¨.

      If you should ever have any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us at πŸ€—.

      With much appreciation,
      The Plum Village App team

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