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How to relax

You don’t need to set aside special time for resting and relaxing. You don’t need a special pillow or any fancy equipment. You don’t need a whole hour. In fact, now is a very good time to relax. You are probably breathing in and out right this moment. If you can close your eyes for […]

Inviting the Bell

Usually, when someone sounds the bell, we don’t say ‘hit’ it, we say that they should ‘invite the bell to sound’. This person should wake the bell with a half sound – but before doing so, they must practice mindful breathing to prepare themselves. A particular verse is used for breathing in and out and […]

New on the app: immersive videos

Nature sounds have already become a popular category on the Plum Village App. Owls, robins, the rain, the stream, and the wind: you can listen to them on the go or when working at your desk. But what if you could immerse yourself in serene surroundings even more fully, not only through audio but visually […]

Our mind, individual and collective

The fifth verse [of the Fifty Verses on the Nature of Consciousness]: “Whether from our family or friends, from our society or education, all seeds are, by nature, both individual and collective.” Here we have another pair of opposites: individual and collective. And we should be able to transcend that idea of collective and individual.  […]