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Short intro to the extended Plum Village community 

How large is the Plum Village community? This is asked by some dear app users and followers. Below is the short answer, inviting you to visit the other family members’ respective websites for further information. There is a global community of mindfulness practitioners who follow the teachings of Vietnamese Zen Master and peace activist Thich […]

App release 2.11: fewer distractions

Dear friends, We are happy to announce the latest update to the Plum Village App, available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. With this update, we have made many small refinements to the UI (user interface) of the app, reducing distractions so you […]

The war and peace within

Going home, we are afraid of touching our pain, touching the war within. Sometimes we find ourselves at war with another person. Maybe with our family, with our society, with our tradition. But we may learn that, when we are at war with someone else, it may be a war within us. And that is […]

How to see

Water reflecting The clear still water of a mountain lake reflects the mountain and the sky with pristine clarity. You can do the same. If you are calm and still enough, you can reflect the mountain, the blue sky, and the moon exactly as they are. You reflect whatever you see just as it is, […]