Our mind and mental formations 

Our mind is made of particles. Modern physics speaks about matter, reality as being made of subatomic particles. But in Buddhist psychology we speak about consciousness – mind – in terms of mental formations: very tiny particles that make up our mind.  ‘Formation’ is translated from the word samskara. Anything that is formed, like a […]

Dana: the practice of giving

Dear Sangha, I have transmitted to you the ways, the practices, that will allow us to cross to the Other Shore. We don’t want to stay on the shore of anger and jealousy, we want to cross over to the Other Shore: the shore of well-being, non-anger, joy, equanimity, and love.  Crossing over to the Other […]

The practice of mindful consumption 

Sensory impression is a second kind of food. But this nutriment comes through the eyes, ears, nose, body, and mind. You consume it in many ways, for example, by reading articles – but they may contain toxins like craving, violence, fear, discrimination, or hate. When you watch television programs, they may be full of poisons. […]