Stop borrowing and be happy now

Every step is a miracle. Every step is nourishing. Every step is healing. The Zen Master Linji said that the miracle is not to walk on thin air or on fire – the miracle is to walk on earth. To be alive and to be walking on this planet is a miracle. And you can […]

How to eat

Mindful eating To cultivate mindfulness, we can do the same things we always do—walking, sitting, working, eating, and so on—with mindful awareness of what we are doing. When we’re eating, we know that we are eating. When we open a door, we know that we’re opening a door. Our mind is with our actions. When […]

To be means to inter-be

Many people think that to be empty means not existing. But it’s not true; emptiness does not mean nonexistence.  In sutra we recite, “Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form”.  There is a glass which is not empty because it has some tea in it. Another glass has no tea inside. To be empty or […]