App release 2.8: meditation timer

Dear friends, After more than three months of development, we are pleased to announce a new update to the Plum Village App. Version 2.8 introduces a new feature: a meditation timer! Many other small improvements include portrait videos, improved content-update alerts, and better support for French and Spanish. This update is available now on the […]

App release 2.6: playlists and optional sign-in

Dear friends, We are pleased to announce our first update of 2021. Version 2.6, available now on both iOS and Android, adds significant new features and refines many existing ones. The highlights of this release are the addition of playlists and an optional sign-in function, as well as noteworthy improvements to the search feature and […]

Using playlists in the Plum Village App

In February 2021, we introduced a new feature: playlists, which allow you to compile a selection of audio tracks to play in sequence. Why playlists? When practicing mindfulness with a Sangha (a local group), the practice session will often consist of a range of activities. This can include sitting or walking meditations, a song, listening […]

Using an SD card with the Plum Village app

Many Android phones and tablets allow storage space to be expanded by slotting a separately-purchased SD card (microSD) into the device. The Plum Village app supports SD cards on Android (4.4 or higher) with a setting called “Save offline media to SD card”. Because SD cards are not available for iPhone or iPad devices, this […]