Latest app update: now you can share your favourite meditations with your friends

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of the Plum Village app! This is the biggest update since version 2.0 was released a couple of months ago.

We have received many kind comments, bug reports, and feature suggestions since the 2.0 release. Much of our focus has been on bug fixes to ensure the app works reliably for all, but we are also planning new features for the app.

This new release brings the first of those planned features: the ability to share with your friends a meditation, Dharma talk, chant, or any other resource from the app.

How to share a meditation, Dharma talk, song, chant or other resource

Firstly, navigate to the item you wish to share, and open it:

Navigating to a meditation

Next, press the share button in the top right corner:

Sharing a meditation via the share button

Share using one of the choices of app offered, or by copying the link:

The share link works on any platform: if the app is not available on that platform, the link will open in a web browser instead.

Other improvements in v2.1

We also made some improvements to the Bell of Mindfulness in this release. Some people struggled to hear the bell, so we’ve simplified the controls and made it clearer how to configure your device to hear the bell. We also fixed a bug where people were unable to change how often the bell rings.

Under the hood, we upgraded and optimized the way navigation works in the app, so that it feels smoother as you navigate the folders. Now even the largest folders containing hundreds of talks will load quickly and smoothly.

A few people reported guided or silent meditations stopping part way through. We have made improvements to the way we play audio, particularly on Android. The audio now runs independently of the app so that it will continue playing even if the app is not active (but you can easily stop it using the audio controls on the lock screen).

We also fixed a layout bug that could occur on iPad.

Continuing the development of the Plum Village app

As has been traditionally the case with Buddhist teachings for millennia, the app is offered freely and users can choose to donate if they value it and want to support it to continue and develop further.

You can also support development by reporting bugs via our contact form, submitting ideas for new features or voting for them on our feedback board, and leaving a review on the App Store or Play Store.


  1. I’m very grateful for all the work your team has put into this app 🙏🏻🌷 it is a great source of goodness

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