Using playlists in the Plum Village App

Last revised on January 24, 2024 to reflect recent user interface updates.

In February 2021, we introduced a new feature: playlists, which allow you to compile a selection of audio tracks to play in sequence.

Why playlists?

When practicing mindfulness with a Sangha (a local group), the practice session will often consist of a range of activities. This can include sitting or walking meditations, a song, listening to a Dharma talk, or reading from a book.

When using the Plum Village App to practice alone (or with others), we may also like our practice session to consist of a variety of activities. The playlist feature can support this, for example by creating a playlist that starts with a guided meditation, moves onto a chant, and ends with a practice song.

Alternatively, you may choose to create a playlist simply for the enjoyment of listening to Plum Village songs and chants.

Curating a playlist

First, create a playlist, then add tracks.

Create a playlist

Navigate to Extras (fourth tab) -> Playlists.

The Playlists screen is on the fourth tab (Extras)

Create a new playlist by tapping the add (+) button in the top-right corner.

The playlists screen presents a list of playlists you have created. Initially it will be empty.

Enter a name for your playlist, then tap Save.

When you add a new playlist, you will choose a name.

Your new playlist is currently empty, so you need to add some items.

Adding a track

Any audio track in the Plum Village app can be added to a playlist. Navigate to an item, then tap the menu (…) in the top-right corner. Then, choose the Add to playlist option.

When you openthe menu you reveal the 'Add to Playlist' option.

Select your playlist, the track will then be automatically added to the preferred playlist.

When you add to a playlist, you can select which playlist to add to (or create a new one).

Re-ordering tracks

After tracks have been added, they may be re-ordered at any time. First, navigate to the playlist (Extras -> Playlists -> [your playlist]).

Tracks initially appear in the order you added them.

You will see the items in the playlist. To move one of them, press-and-hold it, drag the item up or down, then release your finger to drop it into your preferred position in the sequence.

Playing your playlist

First, navigate to the playlist (Extras -> Playlists -> [your playlist]).

Tap the play button to start playback from the beginning. Tap the shuffle button to play in a random order. Alternatively, tap on any particular item in the playlist to start playing from that track.

To see how much of the current track has been played, tap on the compact player at the bottom:

Check how much of a track has played by tapping on the track at the bottom of the page

This will expand to show how much of the track has elapsed:

Track progress is now shown on the player. Tap again to shrink the player.

Future improvements and feedback

We have improved this feature over time and we will continue to improve it in future updates. For example, by making it possible to share playlists with friends.

Do you find the playlist feature useful? How could it be improved to better support your practice? We’d love to have your feedback. You can submit ideas and vote on them on our feedback board.


  1. Hello,
    first i want to thank you for this beautiful app, i use it daily since nearly one year and it is a good “friend” to me, i do not wanr to miss…
    I like the new playlist-funktions since your last update and i created an account.
    But from this time on, the app doesn’t start anymore, when im offline, it starts only, when I’m connectet with the internet… Is it possible, to change this, so that the app can be used offline again?
    Sorry for my english, I hope, I could express clearly and you could follow my thoughts…
    Thank you and warm, gentle greets…

  2. I am so happy and amazed that this suggestion I made several months ago is now a feature! Thank you to the team for all the work in developing this beautiful platform to support practice, and for the attention to every suggestion. Deeply grateful.

  3. I love the concept of the playlist but it’s glitching on me. When the track is done, instead of moving onto the next track, the whole playlist freezes up. I need to exit and re-enter the playlist to chose the next track. I’m using the app on my iPhone 8. Is this a common issue?

    1. Thanks for this feedback. Indeed, we found a couple of bugs with the playlists and are working on fixing them. Update: they are fixed in the most recent app release.

  4. Thank you so much for all your work on this App and particularly for introducing the new playlist function. It is very very useful!!!

  5. I am having problems deleting meetings and downloads from my phone there are dozens of them but can’t find the FAQs prompt. I only listen at night helps me to sleep . I am 80 years old and find the talks by the brothers very calming thank you valerie

  6. I still cannot delete meditations from my activity I have read numerous times the articles regarding saving but nothing on deleting I have hundreds of saved meditations

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