The Way Out Is In update and key episodes to revisit 

Dear friends,

Due to scheduling conflicts, it hasn’t been possible to record new episodes of The Way Out Is In during October. However, Brother Phap Huu and Jo Confino will be returning for more conversations with special guests over the coming month. Both presenters are looking forward to again sitting around the kitchen table in Thay’s Upper Hamlet hut, sharing warm tea, deep listening, and loving speech.

Until these new episodes are released, we invite you to revisit past episodes that you may find relevant today. They offer guidance for navigating polarizing events, key ways to engage with the world according to Buddhist teachings, and, last but not least, building and sustaining a “beloved community”. One episode includes a discussion and commemoration of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s own experience of war (in Vietnam).

We hope you’ll find these sharings nourishing and helpful.

War and Peace (Episode #24)’

Brother Phap Huu and Jo Confino discuss how to find peace in ourselves and to encourage peace in the world during times of war. They remember Thich Nhat Hanh, who himself lived through a conflict – the Vietnam War – yet found a way to peace, and to become an activist for transformation.

Also discussed: inherited war traumas; the importance of maintaining compassion and balance during these times; going beyond our ‘roles’ and ‘labels’; channeling anger; practicing when we feel ‘on the edge’; coming back to our humanity; cultivating love, peace, and nonviolence every day; Thay’s creation of a nonviolent movement in wartime; and surprising insights from a Plum Village retreat for Palestinians and Israelis.

📍 Read more and listen here.

‘The Meditator, the Artist, and the Warrior (Episode #22)’

‘The Meditator, the Artist, and the Warrior’ are three key ways to engage with the world, which was a key goal of Thich Nhat Hanh. 

Inspired by a chapter in Thay’s book, Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet, the episode focuses on how these three elements are present in everyone, and explains what they mean and how to nourish and activate them. Interspersed throughout are examples from the zen master’s own experience, as recalled by Brother Phap Huu.

📍 Read more and listen here.

Free from Views in a Polarized World (Episode #36)

Here, Jo and Brother Phap Huu consider views and perceptions, and how to move beyond them to find deeper meaning and truth in life. They also provide context for the Buddhist concept of right view, and deconstruct ‘view’ and perceptions, with examples. Finally, they share zen stories and practices (such as the Five Mindfulness Trainings, with a particular focus on the first three) which can help us let go of views that bring suffering, while embracing the ones that can bring happiness.

📍 Read more and listen here.

Building and Sustaining the Beloved Community (Episode #15)’

This episode, about the art of community living, takes a closer look at the Plum Village community’s four-decade existence. The conversation touches upon key friendships, such as that between Thich Nhat Hanh and Martin Luther King Jr.; ‘the beloved community’; collective energy; the spirit of togetherness; sustaining a community; deep listening; and the importance of a sangha (a community of practitioners) for individuals’ practice of mindfulness. 

📍 Read more and listen here.

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  1. Thank you for the update 🙏🏻 I was waiting for a new episode as always, because this wonderful podcast is very dear and important to me: a light in the dark, water on the good seeds 🫶🏻 I recomment it highly!

  2. Looking forward to next podcast. I listen to them over and over and experience new insights each time. They are fundamental to sustaining my practice. Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks so much for the update. I can imagine it’s not easy to find enough time together for these wonderful quality talks and you need to take care of your own capacity as well. It will be a joy for all whenever you can continue and at the same time there is such a treasure of so many episodes that are worth listening to several times. Thanks for the specific recommendations – they point exactly to what worries me these days. Best wishes 🪷

  4. I’m greatly relieved to hear that the podcast will return as I too find it a kind, refreshing and gently illuminating shared conversation.

  5. Thank you both for all the amazing episodes you have already offered to us. I started out my practice alone. The relief I got from my suffering was awe inspiring. Your podcast were like water to a parched desert. A few months ago I found a Plum Village Sangha about and hours ride from my home in Delaware. The podcasts are the perfect partner on my drive to and from. They helped sustain me when I began my practice and they still help me grow on my path. I look forward to more and will revisit these suggested episodes. They are so timely! Thanks you again for all your great efforts! In loving kindness. 🙏

  6. Thank you both for the wonderful episodes, some of which I’ve listened too many times! The podcast is a beautiful companion to my practice and I am so grateful! I’m looking forward to your new episodes and hope to join a retreat in Plum Village soon.

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