Languages supported in the Plum Village App

At present, the Plum Village App includes content in: English French (français) Italian (italiano) Spanish (español). We will be adding further languages in future. Additionally, some of our videos have subtitles in additional languages including Chinese (both simplified and traditional: 汉语 and 漢語), Dutch (Nederlands), German (Deutsch), Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia), Japanese (日本語), Korean (한국어), and […]

Using playlists in the Plum Village App

In February 2021, we introduced a new feature: playlists, which allow you to compile a selection of audio tracks to play in sequence. Why playlists? When practicing mindfulness with a Sangha (a local group), the practice session will often consist of a range of activities. This can include sitting or walking meditations, a song, listening […]

Using an SD card with the Plum Village app

Many Android phones and tablets allow storage space to be expanded by slotting a separately-purchased SD card (microSD) into the device. The Plum Village app supports SD cards on Android (4.4 or higher) with a setting called “Save offline media to SD card”. Because SD cards are not available for iPhone or iPad devices, this […]